free shipping worldwide! Super Quick Deliveries
free shipping worldwide! Super Quick Deliveries


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


We at Ubitrends have tried to answer a few of the queries that may arise while we serve you on our website. You may write to us at to ask any other questions you may have or to give your valuable feedback .


1. Why is my order being shipped in different packages?

We ship from our chosen few suppliers from China. So if you order more then one item please expect them to be shipped & delivered separately.


2. What is the usual delivery time?

Please allow for 2-3 weeks for all items to arrive.


3. When will I be able to track items ordered by me?

You will be able to track items you have ordered on Ubitrends after 3-5 business days.


4. From which countries can I place the order?

You can place order from Any country. We ship worldwide.


5. Are there any shipping charges to be paid separately?

Shipping is free for most items. In case of any items that require you to pay shipping separately, it will be mentioned on the website.


6. In which currency is the payment accepted on your website?

We accept all payments in USD. The most current exchange rate will be applied at the time of checkout.


7. How can I make the payment for my order?

Currently we accept payments through Paypal only. We shall start accepting payments via major credit cards shortly.


8. How can I check items purchased on the website?

Customers will get an Order No. as soon they place their order.


9. Is checkout on Ubitrends safe and secure?

You can be absolutely sure that checkout on Ubitrends is safe and secure.


10. Will my personal info entered be safe on your website?

We do not sell customer information. Emails are strictly for followups and sending newsletters, offers, coupons, discounts and other promotions we may run from time to time.


11. Will I have to pay custom duties?

In most countries you will not required to custom duties. However certain countries may have a different policy regarding the same.


12. Whom to contact in case I have a problem with my order?

Please write to us at in case of any inquiries.