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Do you know why pets are so lovable?!

  1. Did you know that dogs dream like humans? Measuring the brain patterns of a sleeping dog gave results similar to those of a sleeping human being. So you can be sure you pet is dreaming about the juicy bone you brought for him today or may be of your neighbours cute cat..:-)
  2. Dogs can remember more then 200 words! Yes, those commands he seems to understand well, are of course due to the amazing memory they have. They are smart and play a trick or two on you! Well, be alert, lest they fool you to get what they want. But, honestly, they are just having fun with the the person they love! 
  3. Dogs can convey many emotions through tail wagging! Dogs communicate to other dogs or to you that they are happy, attentive, confused, sad, or just plain MAD! Now don’t forget to look for that signal!
  4. Dogs lick their nose to keep it wet. This keeps the sense of smell keen. Did you know Dogs sense of smell is said to be 100000 times powerful than humans. Dogs, can even smell your feelings!
  5. Mastering the complex subway system in Russia, stray dogs are able search for food by alighting at just the stops.

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