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FAQs about various types of bracelets styles:

FAQs about various types of bracelets styles:

1. What are the various types of bracelets available in the market?

Braided Bracelets

Chain Bracelets

Charm Bracelets

Cuff Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets

Bangle Bracelets

2. What is primary materials are used in making a Bracelet?

Lava Stone beads bracelet

Rhinestone beads bracelet

Hematite beads bracelet

Natural stone beads bracelet

Tiger eye beads bracelet

Glass beads bracelet

Moonstone beads bracelet

Oynx beads bracelet

Wooden beads bracelet

Threads or Rope bracelet

Leather strap bracelet

Steel bracelet

Brass bracelet

Copper bracelet

Zinc Alloys bracelet

Gem Stones bracelet

Besides bracelets are also made using precious metals like Silver, Gold or Platinum.

3. To what purpose are bracelets worn in modern times?

Bracelets are today worn on occasions to match with the outfit. They are also worn as Charm Bracelets as many people believe it will bring them good luck. Bracelets are sometimes bought in pairs to be worn by 2 persons to symbolize their relationship. They serve as a sign of bonding of freindship and love.

Available, in a wide range of prices, and in various colors or textures, bracelets can be good choice for gifting on occasions.

Some store sell Yoga bracelets that can heal the energy chakras of the body.

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